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We all know good health starts in the kitchen and the importance of nutritionally balanced meals. But for many of us, snacks can be a bit of a blind spot. Tired of grabbing off-the-shelf products that weren’t as healthy as they seem, packed with hidden ingredients and additives (yuk!), we wanted you to be able to create fast, great tasting, easy to make, healthy snacks at home and know exactly what was going into them.

So, in 2020, we set out on a mission to create Youtritious - carefully crafted, bake-at-home mixes specifically designed to help people balance health goals and food sensitivities without compromising on taste or quality.

Ingredients your body will love.

We know that snacks that taste great but leave you feeling yucky just aren’t worth it. That’s why we’ve worked with a qualified recipe developer to craft our mixes based on 100% natural, premium ingredients. Every mix is free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar so you can snack without worrying about triggering any food sensitivities.

You'll also find our mixes are vegan friendly the majority of them contain organic ingredients. We make creating snacks that support your health easy, with a specific focus on ingredients that help your body to thrive – naturally.

Measured, packaged, delivered.

Eating healthier shouldn’t have to be more time-consuming. Going to multiple stores to get everything you need (and still needing to do an online order for that one special ingredient) just adds stress to your day.

We want baking to be fun, something mindful that gives you something to look forward to. Our mixes, delivered, plus a few staple ingredients (like eggs, rice malt syrup and coconut oil) gives you everything you need for hassle-free baking that helps you to feel your best.

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Adaptogen Chocolate Bites

Gluten, dairy and egg-free chocolate bites containing mushroom powder and maca powder, both powerful adaptogenic substances.

Cheesy Thyme & Sesame Scones

Enjoy gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan (freegan amazing) scones.

Salted Tahini Cookies

These gluten and dairy-free fudgy, salted cookies are the perfect sweet pick-me-up after a long day.

Our Impact

Off-the-shelf snacks have more than mystery ingredients working against them – they can also be a packaging nightmare. We’ve worked really hard to consolidate our mixes to contain as little product packaging as possible. And what packaging we do have can be used again or recycled through RedCycle at your nearest supermarket. Our mailers are also 100% compostable, including the label.

We're strongly committed to delivering great products sustainably and looking after our planet. That's why our mixes are created in a factory powered exclusively by 100% renewable energy and we've chosen a delivery partner that is 100% carbon neutral.