Adaptogen Chocolate Bites




16 Serves I 20 min prep I 30 min chill

These lush gluten, dairy and egg-free chocolate bites contain mushroom powder and maca powder, both powerful adaptogenic substances, which may help the body adapt to stress and improve attention and endurance. Subtly and naturally sweetened with whole dates, we’ve used oats for their high fibre and earthy flavour profile, which pairs perfectly with the adaptogen powders.

You're going to need a food processor to whip these morsels up! 


Organic pitted dates
Gluten-free rolled oats
Organic dark vegan chocolate 70% (separate sachet)
Organic cacao powder
Organic hulled hemp seeds (separate sachet)
Organic Reishi Mushroom powder
Organic Maca powderVanilla bean powder


Pantry staples: 

Coconut oil
Sea salt 

You will need: 

Food processor Plate Small bowl TablespoonBaking paper  

Nutritional information: